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SCCS-NY 2015 Award Winners

Overall Best Talks

The 'Damning' Impacts of Small Dams

Suman Jumani, Legal Initiative for Forest and Environment

SCCS 2015 best talk Jumani

SCCS 2015 best talk Jumani

Climate Change Impact on Habitat Range and Genetic Diversity of Lobelia Rhynchopepalum

Desalegn Chala Gelete, University of Oslo

Honorable mention: Exploring Illegal Hunting Motivations in Golestan National Park, Iran

Sheyda Ashayeri, Persian Wildlife Heritage Foundation      

Overall Best Speed Talks

Use of Interview Data on a Regional Scale to Identify Correlates of Jaguar Occupancy

Lisanne Petracca, State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry

SCCS 2015 best speed talk Petracca

SCCS 2015 best speed talk Petracca

Identifying Cryptic Lineages Within an Endemic Frog Genus in the Western Ghats

Vijay Ramesh, Columbia University

SCCS 2015 best speed talk Ramesh

SCCS 2015 best speed talk Ramesh

Overall Best Posters

Landscape Effects on Fine-Scale Genetic Connectivity in a Neotropical Mesocarnivore

Giovanna Kupiec (and Hollis Lehv), Science Research Mentoring Program, American Museum of Natural History 


Intraspecific Functional Diversity of a Common Species Enhances Community Stability

Connor Wood, University of Maine


Honorable mention: The Effect of Urbanization on the Genetic Variation Within a Stream Salamander Population

Nicole Fusco, Fordham University           

Best use of quantitative methods in conservation research: courtesy of Applied Biomathematics.

Conserving Evolutionary, Functional and Species Diversity in Madagascar

James Herrera, Stony Brook University



Data Are Scarce But Action is Necessary: Using Agent-Based Models for Conservation

Alexander Wright, University of Georgia


Outstanding research in land use and stewardship: courtesy of the Lincoln Institute for Land Policy and the Harvard Forest.

Exploring the Effects of Climate Change on Caribou Management in Western Canada (talk)

Yannick Neveux, University of Alberta