SCCS-NY 2015 Award Winners

Best Talks

Winner: The 'Damning' Impacts of Small Dams

Suman Jumani, Legal Initiative for Forest and Environment

Winner: Climate Change Impact on Habitat Range and Genetic Diversity of Lobelia Rhynchopepalum

Desalegn Chala Gelete, University of Oslo

Honorable mention: Exploring Illegal Hunting Motivations in Golestan National Park, Iran

Sheyda Ashayeri, Persian Wildlife Heritage Foundation


Best Speed Talks

Winner: Use of Interview Data on a Regional Scale to Identify Correlates of Jaguar Occupancy

Lisanne Petracca, State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry

Winner: Identifying Cryptic Lineages Within an Endemic Frog Genus in the Western Ghats

Vijay Ramesh, Columbia University


Best Posters

Winner: Landscape Effects on Fine-Scale Genetic Connectivity in a Neotropical Mesocarnivore

Giovanna Kupiec (and Hollis Lehv), Science Research Mentoring Program, American Museum of Natural History 


Winner: Intraspecific Functional Diversity of a Common Species Enhances Community Stability

Connor Wood, University of Maine


Honorable mention: The Effect of Urbanization on the Genetic Variation Within a Stream Salamander Population

Nicole Fusco, Fordham University


Best use of quantitative methods in conservation research: courtesy of Applied Biomathematics.

Winner: Conserving Evolutionary, Functional and Species Diversity in Madagascar

James Herrera, Stony Brook University

Winner: Data Are Scarce But Action is Necessary: Using Agent-Based Models for Conservation

Alexander Wright, University of Georgia



Outstanding research in land use and stewardship: courtesy of the Lincoln Institute for Land Policy and the Harvard Forest.

Winner (talk): Exploring the Effects of Climate Change on Caribou Management in Western Canada

Yannick Neveux, University of Alberta