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Freshwater Mussels and Snails of the Metro Area and New Jersey

This workshop on freshwater mussels and snails of the metropolitan area and New Jersey was held in September, 2000 at the American Museum and at two field sites near Port Jervis, NY. Lab sessions at the Museum included an introduction to taxonomy, biology and ecology, an overview of conservation issues, and a half-day of microscope study. The field trip focused on techniques and equipment for the observation and collection of specimens and shells, habitat and micro-habitat recognition, species identification, and individual practice with various methods and equipment. Emphasis on the importance of non-lethal study methods was a key component of the field day, and participants were able to experience first-hand the challenges posed by the field study and identification of freshwater mussels and snails.

For more information see Freshwater Mussels of the New York Metropolitan Region and New Jersey: A Guide to their Identification, Biology and Conservation.