2002 Bees of the New England and the Mid-Atlantic main content.

2002 Bees of the New England and the Mid-Atlantic

In June, 2002 local and regional biologists, resource managers, consultants and naturalists met at the AMNH for a workshop to learn about the regional bee fauna and its role in local ecosystems. Leading the three day workshop was Dr. Jerome G. Rozen, of the AMNH, and his scientific assistant Valerie Giles, along with Liz Johnson from the CBC. Two days of lab sessions focused on basic bee biology and ecology, taxonomy, identification of important genera of the region, survey and monitoring techniques, and conservation. A third day was devoted to field study and sampling.

The workshop content was based on the 10-day biology and advanced taxonomy Bee Course offered at the Southwestern Research station of the AMNH, but provided local practitioners a less technical curriculum and a focus on taxa likely to be encountered by regional biologists.