Guiding Global Policy


Hawai’i in early September. The CBC was active at the meetings, and made considerable progress in two major areas: capacity development and biocultural approaches to conservation. Dr. Eleanor Sterling is one of the leaders of capacity development for IUCN’s World Commission on Protected Areas and ran a series of pre-Congress meetings for facilitators and then a series of workshops, roundtables, and events during the Congress itself. These events focused on three areas— “professionalization” of parks, protected areas, and community conservation areas; evaluation of the role of capacity development in conservation; and capacity development by indigenous and local communities for indigenous and local communities. The activities were extremely well received and have set the stage for several follow up activities in the coming year, including a gathering of specialists in evaluating capacity development at Cambridge University in November. 

At this meeting Dr. Sterling received the inaugural Meritorious Research Award from the Commission on Environmental, Economic & Social Policy (CEESP). The committee selected 

Dr. Sterling unanimously, in recognition of her outstanding and inspirational research over a career specializing in the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration, and bridging science and social science, research and practice in the pursuit of beneficial, equitable and just forms of biodiversity conservation. The CBC and the Museum are proud of this distinction, and offer their warm congratulations to Eleanor!