Publications, Presentations & Media

Fall 2016


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Presentations, Posters, Workshops, and Short Courses

Arengo F. Coral reef ecology. Presentation. Celia Cruz High School-Los Sueños del Caribe Program, American Museum of Natural History, New York, NY. October 2016.

Arengo F. Conservation science careers. Lecture and discussion. 1000 Girls 1000 Futures Program, American Museum of Natural History, New York, NY. July 2016.

Barberis I, Romano M, Barisón C, Cordini C, Cruz N, Derlindati E, Montani E, Pagano F, Arengo F. Variaciones anuales (2008-2015) en la abundancia invernal de flamencos andinos y australes en lagunas del sur de Santa Fe, Argentina. Oral presentation (coauthor). VI Reunión Binacional de Ecología. Puerto Iguazú, Misiones, Argentina. September 2015.

Bizzell-Hatcher G, DM Lugo, Cullman G. Analyzing dietary diversity through food group indicators and the effects of local and nonlocal food consumption. Poster and Oral presentations. NYC Science Research Mentoring Consortium’s 3rd Annual Student Research Colloquium, American Museum of Natural History, New York, NY, June 2016.

Blair ME.  Illicit wildlife trade in Vietnam: exploring drivers, scales, and diverse knowledges in a social-ecological systems framework. Invited Lecture. Yale Southeast Asia Studies Council, Southeast Asia Seminar Series, Yale University, New Haven, CT. November 2016.

Blair ME.  How can genetics inform biodiversity conservation? Opportunities and pitfalls. Keynote Address. Metropolitan Association of College and University Biologists Conference, SUNY Old Westbury, Old Westbury, NY. October 2016.

Blair ME, Le MD, Roos C. Training Workshop: Improving Wildlife Trade Management through Applying Conservation Genetics and Forensic Science. Workshop co-instructors. Vietnam National University, University of Science, Faculty of Biology; Centre for Natural Resources and Environmental Studies, VNU; Vietnam Administration of Forestry. Hanoi, Vietnam. September 2016. 

Blair ME. Diversifying Primatology. Invited Panelist. International Primatological Society Congress, Chicago, IL. August 2016. 

Blair ME, Le MD, Thach HM, Vu NB, Panariello A, Birchette M, Sterling EJ, Sethi, G. Slow loris trade in Vietnam: Examining drivers and scales of trade with an interdisciplinary approach. Presentation. Intl. Primatological Soc. Congress, Chicago, IL. August 2016. 

Blair ME.  Examining the drivers of wildlife trade in Vietnam with an interdisciplinary approach. Invited Talk. Center for Environmental Policy, Bard College, NY. April 2016

Caillon S, Sterling E, et al.  Measuring biocultural interactions and dynamics for sustainable resource management. Oral presentation in symposium: A brave new world: integrating wellbeing and justice in conservation. 53rd Annual Meeting of the Association for Tropical Biology and Conservation, Montpellier, France. June 2016.

Cullman G.  Communicating for conservation. Presentation. Lang Science Program, American Museum of Natural History, New York, NY. July 2017.

Cullman G. Conservation and resilience implications of changing diets in Solomon Islands. Presentation. Junior Council Speed Science Event, American Museum of Natural History, New York, NY. June 2016.

Douglas K, Gazit N, Landrigan K, Macey S, Sigouin A, Porzecanski AL, Sterling EJ. Lessons in Conservation: Teaching and Training Materials for Participatory Conservation. Poster presentation. North American Congress for Conservation Biology, Madison, WI. July 2016.

Douglas K, Landrigan K, Macey S, Gazit N, Porzecanski AL, Sterling EJ. 2016. Conservation Teaching and Learning Studios: A New Approach to Building Capacity in Conservation and Environmental Science. Poster presentation.  Association for Environmental Studies and Sciences Annual Conference, Washington, DC. June 2016.

Filardi CE. Voices from the East Melanesian Islands biodiversity hotspot. Invited symposium panelist. IUCN World Conservation Congress, Honolulu, Hawaii. September 2016.

Filardi CE. Dynamics of speciation and diversification in island birds.  Symposium Invited Speaker. International Conference on Island Evolution, Ecology and Conservation, University of Azores at Angra do Heroísmo, Terceira Island, Azores, Portugal. July 2016.

Filardi CE, Malone C, Jupiter S, Dabek L, Nolan M, Mauli S. Getting the Questions Right. Reframing the process of how we formulate and approach big questions in Pacific Islands Conservation Biology. Symposium organizers. 4th Oceania Congress for Conservation Biology, Brisbane, Australia. July 2016.

Galante P. Model complexity and variable selection in Maxent niche models: Analyses for rodents in Madagascar. Invited lecture. Graduate Seminar in Zoogeography, CUNY Graduate Center, NY.  March 2016.

Gazit N. Stand Out for the Right Reasons: Designing Effective Posters and Presentations. Workshop leader. Student Conference on Conservation Science, American Museum of Natural History, New York, NY. October 2016.

Macey S. Bog Turtle (Glyptemys muhlenbergii) Nesting Ecology: Implications for Conservation and Management. Invited talk. Bedford Audubon Society, Bedford, NY. June 2016. 

Macey S. Penguin research. Junior Council's Jazz on the Terrace event, American Museum of Natural History, New York, NY. June 2016.

Malone C. Whose Pacific, Whose Conservation? Centering indigenous people in Pacific conservation research. Oral presentation. Symposium: Getting the Questions Right. Reframing the process of how we formulate and approach big questions in Pacific Islands Conservation Biology. 4th Oceania Congress for Conservation Biology, Brisbane, Australia. July 2016. 

Malone C. Going Beyond Diversity: Addressing Inequity and Exclusivity in Conservation Science. Invited Panelist. Symposium: Expanding Conservation Practice: Increasing conservation’s reach and effectiveness through greater inclusivity. North American Congress in Conservation Biology, Madison, WI.  July 2016.

Malone C, Wynn-Grant R. Diversifying our Science Communication Toolbox: How do we better engage underrepresented groups in conservation science? Workshop co-organizers. North American Congress in Conservation Biology, Madison, WI. July 2016.

Marconi P, Ferreyra H, Clark A, Frau D, Arengo F. Flamingo die-off in the Andes: did a shifting mosaic of wetlands reach a tipping point? Poster presentation. North American Ornithological Congress. Washington, DC. August 2016.

NCEP Staff. 3rd Annual NCEP Conservation Teaching and Learning Studio. American Museum of Natural History, New York, NY, June 2016.

Porzecanski AL. Caribbean biology and culture, and the Cuba exhibition. Presentation. Celia Cruz High School-Los Sueños del Caribe Program, American Museum of Natural History, New York, NY. October 2016.

Porzecanski AL, Groom M. Interdisciplinary conservation education: Engaging students for action. Workshop leader. North American Congress on Conservation Biology, Madison, WI. July 2016. 

Porzecanski AL and Soto-Centeno, A. The Explore21 Expedition to Humboldt National Park in Cuba. SciCafé Presentation at AMNH, June 2016. 

Porzecanski AL. Why Cuba? Why now? Why us? Presentation to the AMNH Board of Trustees, May 2016. 

Porzecanski AL. Why Cuba and why now? Presentation to the New York Board of The Nature Conservancy, April 2016. 

Sterling EJ, Cullman G,  McCarter J, Betley E, Horning N, Jupiter S, Woltz H, Filardi C. “Biocultural approaches to indicator development in the Solomon Islands.” Workshop leader: National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center (SESYNC), Annapolis, MD. September 2016.

Sterling EJ.  Research and Action in Biodiversity Conservation from Local to Global. Invited plenary presentation. Wilbur Lucius Cross Medal Lecture, Yale University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, New Haven, CT. September 2016.

Sterling EJ. Evaluating Healthy Nature for Human Health and Wellbeing: Connecting Science, Practice and Policy. Workshop facilitator and final discussant. IUCN World Conservation Congress, Honolulu, HI. August-September 2016. 

Sterling EJ. Developing biocultural indicators. Invited Presenter. Establishing Global Island Initiative for Biocultural Diversity and Sustainable Islands Workshop, IUCN World Conservation Congress, Honolulu, HI. August-September 2016.

Sterling EJ. Bio-cultural indicators from a Pacific Perspective. Workshop Facilitator. IUCN World Conservation Congress. Honolulu, HI. August-September 2016.

Sterling EJ. E Alu Pu Global Gathering. Bio-cultural Indicator Visioning facilitator. Hauʻula, HI. August 2016.

Sterling EJ, Ticktin T, Jupiter S Dacks R, Vave R. Biocultural resilience in Pacific Island communities. Developing Bicultural Indicators Workshop: Science for Nature and People Initiative (SNaPP). Suva, Fiji.  May 2016.

Weckel M. Wild New York. Invited Panelist. Brooklyn Historical Society, Brooklyn, NY. September 2016.

Weckel M, Nagy C. Occupancy Dynamics and Colonization Patterns of Coyotes in New York City. Oral presentation. Northeast Natural History Conference, Springfield, MA. April 2016.

Wynn-Grant R, Malone C. Diversifying our Science Communication Toolbox: How do we better engage underrepresented groups in conservation science? Workshop co-leaders. North American Congress in Conservation Biology, Madison, Wisconsin. July 2016.

Wynn-Grant R. Diversity workshop.  Invited Panelist. Society for Conservation Biology Smith Fellows Program, Boulder, CO. April 2016.


Outreach and Media

Blair M. Live now with Assistant Director for Research at the CBC. (11,000 views) AMNH Facebook Live Broadcast; 22 April 2016. 

Filardi C, Malone C. New AMNH Representative and SIRA Technical Advisor visits Tetapare. News story. Tetepare Bulletin Issue 1. June 2016.

Filardi C, Malone C. Sit Doan Pastaem, Move Behaen and Wok Wantaem. News story SCB Oceania symposium. The Island Sun. 30 September 2016.

Porzecanski AL.  Cuba in All Its Natural Glory at the American Museum of Natural History. News story; Interview. New York Times, Special section: Fine Arts and Exhibits. 25 October 2016 (online); 30 October 2016 (print).

Porzecanski AL.  A Manhattan Museum Looks at Cuba’s Exotic Fauna and Flora. News story; Interview. New York Times, N.Y. Region, Works in Progress. 2 September 2016.

Porzecanski AL. Mongabay offers a glimpse into conservation science in progress: Ana Luz Porzecanski travels to Cuba in search of endemic animals and new species. News story; interview. 30 August 2016.

Porzecanski AL.  Wildlife Helps Bridge a Divide; Coming soon from Cuba to Museum of Natural History: Live reptiles. News story; interview. Newsweek, Long Island. 7 August 2016.  

Porzecanski AL.  American Museum of Natural History’s Cuba exhibit breaks diplomatic ground. News story; interview. Newsweek, New York News. 6 August 2016.

Porzecanski AL.  Collaboration that endured cold war explores Cuba’s biodiversity. News story; interview. The Miami Herald. ALSO in: In Cuba Today (Miami Herald companion outlet for Cuban news). 25 July 2016. and

Porzecanski AL.  U.S., Cuba Natural History Museums Announce Historic Collaboration. News story; interview. NBC News. 12 July 2016.

Porzecanski AL.  American Museum of Natural History and Cuba Agree to Deepen Collaboration; the museum and Cuban Environmental Agency will work together on research, exhibitions and education.  News story; interview. The Wall Street Journal. 12 July 2016. 

Porzecanski AL.  Museums Cuba and the US sign cooperation agreement. News story; interview. Agencia Cubana de Noticias. 11 July 2016.

Porzecanski AL.  Great Immigrants: the Pride of America - The Carnegie Corporation of New York. News story; feature spread The New York Times, International News. 4 July 2016.    

Porzecanski AL. The Carnegie Corporation of New York Great immigrants. Television story; interview. Univision. 6 July 2016.    

Weckel, M. How coyote conquered New York by Jon Campell. Interview. Village Voice. 12 October 2016.

Weckel, M. How can we make urban nature and its value more apparent, more “visible” to people. Global Round Table Blog Post. The Nature of Cities. 26 September 2016.

Weckel, M. Live now with Students & Scientists Studying Coyotes in New York (16,000 views). AMNH Facebook Live Broadcast. 4 August 2016.

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Woltz H, Sterling EJ. Art and participatory modeling. Blog post. Integration and Implementation Insights. 21 July 2016.

Wynn-Grant, R. Live now with Dr. Rae Wynn-Grant talking about her work tracking bears. (16,000 views) AMNH Facebook Live Broadcast.  26 July 2016. 

Wynn-Grant, R.  Fieldwork Journal; from the field posts. Studying bears in Nevada. Blog posts (3). American Museum of Natural History. July  2016.