Protecting Southeast Asian Primates

We are pleased to report that work on population status and diversity of lorises in Vietnam, led by Dr. Mary Blair, Director of Biodiversity Informatics Research at the CBC, is now included in the Vietnam National Primate Conservation Action Plan. This plan is being drafted by the Vietnam Forestry Administration and our work continues to inform its content. In addition, we are developing new projects aimed to inform the proposed review and expansion of protected areas in Vietnam in 2025. The CBC’s work has also provided crucial input into the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List assessment for lorises, which will be published soon. 

Dr. Mary Blair’s recognized expertise in biodiversity modeling has led to invitations to join new projects and bilateral government scientific research steering committees on Vietnam’s biodiversity. The CBC’s work in Vietnam continues to increase capacity through targeted outreach including a new website in Vietnamese for our DNA database, and a training workshop on conservation genetics for wildlife trade management. 

By connecting new knowledge with training and policy, we are successfully leveraging our research results and outputs for greater awareness, capacity gains, and stronger management. 

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