Length, Width, Height

Length, Width, Height

L cariosa Edge Small Text 3

Lampsilis cariosa
yellow lampmussel

L cariosa Silhouette Small Text 3

Lampsilis cariosa
yellow lampmussel

Specimen length and width are measured with the specimen held on edge. Width may also be thought of as the specimen's thickness. Height must include the projection of the beak.

Specimen dimensions are based on adult individuals.

Profile, Silhouette Views

L nasuta Silhouette Small

Ligumia nasuta
eastern pondmussel

silhouette view

L ochracea Crown Micro Small

Leptodea ochracea
tidewater mucket

profile or edge view

Specimen silhouette is an important diagnostic feature, as each of the metro area taxa has a distinct shape. The basic shapes of the mussel shell and their names should be memorized.