Driven to Extinction: The Impact of Climate Change on Biodiversity

By: Richard Pearson, Ph. D.

Driven to Extinction

Climate change is real, and so is the threat it poses to the diversity ofplants and animals that inhabit Earth. Yet debate on this topic has been polarized by catastrophists who fret that we are heading toward total disaster and skeptics who insist that there is nothing to worry about. In Driven to Extinction , Richard Pearson explains the science behind the debates in an unbiased and level-headed manner. Pearson shows that the threat posed to biodiversity by climate change increases the risk of extinction, especially when combined with other threats, such as habitat destruction and the influx of non-native species. But he is no alarmist. On the contrary, he warns against predictions of doom, highlighting the often unexpected ways in which nature can adapt to environmental change. Even so,Pearson does not gloss over the seriousness of the issue. Focusing on case studies from around the world, he describes not only what we know, but how we know it-the data, methods, and reasoning behind particular conclusions. In doing so, he deepens our understanding of what science does and does not know, and contributes a unique perspective to the debate that really matters: not who is to blame, but what is to be done.  Driven to Extinction  is available for purchase from Sterling Publishing, a wholly owned subsidiary of Barnes & Noble.