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Science Computing Cluster

The Clusters

The Enyo computer cluster
Enyo Cluster

The AMNH scientific computing facility consists of several high-performance computing platforms: two Intel XEON multi-node Linux clusters, one AMD multi-core server and a six node special-purpose GRavity PipelinE (GRAPE) machines. The clusters are used primarily to run scientific applications extending phylogenetic analysis in computational biology to large-scale astrophysics simulations.

General Specifications:

  • Enyo is a cluser of 33 Intel Xeon 3.0GHz dual-core, dual-processors (128 processors), L2 cache, 64-bit and 1TB shared storage. Each node has a total of 16GB RAM. The system is configured with Infiniband switch fabric, Linux Cent OS, and Scyld Clusterware cluster management solution.
  • Demeter is a cluster of 127 Intel Xeon 2.8GHz dual-core (256 processors), diskless nodes, 4GB RAM per node and 32-bit. The system is configured with Myrinet switch fabric and 100MB Ethernet, Linux RedHat and NimbusOS cluster management solution. At the time of acquisition in 2002, Demeter ranked number 107 on the Top 500 list of supercomputers.
  • Eve is an AMD Opteron 846 2.2GHz, 8-way server and 64-bit. It has 128GB RAM and runs Linux Cent OS This machine is used mainly for testing and development.
  • GRavity PipelinE (GRAPE) machines are purposely used for computing gravitational forces at speeds of several teraflops. Each board is connected to a Linux host server.