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Loading and using Additive characters

  1. Once more, we will repeat (more or less) what we did for Non-additive characters with Additive (Ordered, Wagner) characters. To do this, open the interactive console, and move to the exercises directory.
  2. This time we will input the data contained in the '31' files:
                read ("31.ss", "31.ss.tree")
  3. Here, we will use report not only to create the contents as before, but also output the trees in human readable format to the screen. To do this, repeat these commands one by one, and observe the effect:
                report ("Wagner_results.txt", data, diagnosis)            
                report (trees:(total))            
                report (asciitrees)            
                exit ()
    Can you guess what the command would be to output the asciitrees in a file?

From now and on we will not mention the need to change to the exercises directory, but doing so will be required to perform the following exercises.