Loading and using Non-additive (Unordered, Fitch) characters main content.

Loading and using Non-additive (Unordered, Fitch) characters

  1. We will follow a similar procedure to the one used with Sankoff characters. Follow steps 1, 2, and 3 of Section 2 to change to the exercises directory.
  2. In this tutorial we will not build new trees, we just want to show that the same  read command works to read both regular data and trees. To do this, we read from separate files, one containing the character matrix of non-additive characters, and the other containing the trees:
                read ("1Fitch.ss", "1Fitch.tre")
  3. After reading, this time we will report the trees in memory to one file, and the data that were analyzed together with the tree diagnosis in a second one:
                report ("Fitch_tree.txt", trees:(total))            
                report ("Fitch_results.txt", data, diagnosis)
  4. This is all we want for now, so close the application.
                exit ()
    Explore the contents of the two files that were reported: Fitch_tree.txt and Fitch_results.txt.