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Updates on the world's first large online catalogue of high resolution images of Charles Darwin's evolution manuscripts.

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Article A Look into Darwin’s Unseen Manuscripts | SciTech Now David Kohn, Director of the Darwin Manuscripts Project, joined Hari Sreenivasan in a discussion presented on an episode of Sc... Article Darwin Manuscripts Project on CBC Radio-Canada ‘Piecing Together Charles Darwin’s Evolution’, a story featured on an episode of Quirks & Quarks with Bob McDonald on CBC... Article AMNH’s Hackathon Brings Cutting Edge Technology to Darwin Manuscripts Participating in the Hackathon 2016: Hack the Stacks computer solution-building challenge event, the Darwin team tackled reas... Article Cover Article in Rotunda (AMNH Member Magazine) The Darwin Manuscripts Project is featured as the cover article ‘Digitizing Darwin’s Work’ in the Summer 2015 issue of Rotunda. Article Trending: Darwin Children's Doodles We are celebrating Darwin's 206th birthday by publishing, for the first time ever, the entire collection of drawings & st...   Darwin Goes Digital Sold out - A panel of noted Darwin experts will mark the Museum’s historic online publication of this entire 30,000 item corp... Article Museum Passes Halfway Point in Digitizing Darwin’s Evolution Writings Monday, the 24th of November is the 155th anniversary of the publication of Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species, and th... Article Highlights from Creating the Origin Selections from the manuscripts. Article Darwin Manuscripts Project in the Media Press coverage for the November 2014 release of Darwin manuscripts.