Reference and Circulation

Reference and Circulation staff can assist with research inquiries and show patrons how to use Library databases and reference materials. This department also manages the circulation of Library materials to Museum staff. Contact Library Reference.

Inter-Library Loan
The Inter-Library Loan Department handles arrangements with other libraries for borrowing materials for the Museum's scientific staff and lending materials to other libraries. To find out more about inter-library loan policies and services, visit the Inter-library Loan site. Contact Inter-Library Loan.

The Acquisitions Department coordinates the selection of Library materials in various formats (printed books and journals, CD-ROMs, e-journals, and databases, microforms, etc.) as well as ordering, receiving, and processing these items, including gift and exchange publications. Contact Acquisitions.

The Cataloging Department is responsible for cataloging all books and journals added to the Library's collections and for maintaining and enhancing the Library's online catalog, which features many tables of contents (searchable by keyword) as well as links to electronic journals.  The Cataloging Department also provides assistance in the development of metadata standards.

The Library has a fully equipped Conservation Laboratory where the latest preservation technology is used to protect the Library's unique collections. Additional information about this department and the conservation of print materials is available here.

Special Collections
The Library's special collections include photographs, films, art and memorabilia, and the Museum archives. For more information about these materials and how to access them, visit the Special Collections site. Contact Special Collections.