Interlibrary Loan Policies

This service is restricted to those with Full Library Privileges needing loans for work-related research.

Materials are loaned to the AMNH Library as a courtesy, and their conditions of use, including due dates, must be respected. Library users who need interlibrary loan materials for a longer period than the time allotted should discuss this matter with the interlibrary loan manager. The interlibrary loan manager may be able to renew the loan (in order to extend the due date) or borrow another copy of the item from a different library. Failure to return interlibrary loan materials on time jeopardizes the AMNH Library's liaisons with other libraries and could adversely affect other Museum staff needing interlibrary loan services. Users who return interlibrary loan materials late will be served with a formal warning. Users who subsequently return interlibrary loan materials late will lose interlibrary loan privileges.