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Black and white photograph of straw huts and local women in the Belgian Congo from the early 1900s

Congo Expedition 1909-1915

The American Museum of Natural History sponsored an expedition to the Belgian Congo with Herbert Lang leading the expedition and James P. Chapin as his assistant. Between 1909-1915, Lang and Chapin collected nearly 23,000 vertebrate specimens and over 100,000 invertebrates. They also collected thousands of anthropological objects and took thousands of photographs in the field.

Black and white photograph of a large, open gallery with columns and windows. At the center, a large glass case holds taxidermy, including bison.

Picturing the Museum

The Museum’s Research Library is following in the tradition of Bickmore's historic lantern slide lending library to make the Museum’s history and visual resources widely available for the people, for science, and for education. Picturing the Museum showcases views of exhibits, behind-the-scenes exhibition preparation, and public science education programs.