Ph.D. Program in Comparative Biology: Fall 2019 Application Now Available!

Unparalleled access to the resources of the Museum of Natural History, including its world-renowned collections, exceptional natural history library of more than 550,000 scientific volumes and over 45 distinguished faculty members...Apply Now!


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  • Access to one of the world's greatest natural history collections
  • A legacy of leadership in field and theoretical sciences
  • A long tradition of interdisciplinary approaches to research
  • public mission, providing a bridge between science and society

Featured Faculty

Dr. Nathalie Goodkin


RGGS Assistant Professor, and Assistant Curator, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Division of Physical Sciences

Dr. Goodkin’s research is focused on understanding and using coral geochemistry to reconstruct ocean-atmosphere interactions, climate behavior, and pollution histories over the past 500 years... LEARN MORE >


Dr. Ashley S. Hammond

Hammond in the field

Ashley Hammond in the field

RGGS Assistant Professor, and Assistant Curator of Biological Anthropology, Division of Anthropology

Dr. Hammond works on the fossil record for hominoid (ape and human) evolution in East Africa. Her interests in human origins centers on the evolution of locomotor behaviors, especially bipedal locomotion, which is the hallmark of the human lineage... LEARN MORE >


Volunteer with the Gilder School

The Gilder Graduate School has an opening for a smart, dedicated volunteer to assist with many facets of the School’s work. Duties will range from data entry, proofreading and filing, to higher level projects such as conducting online research, assembling and sharing information, and assisting with special events. Experience working in Excel and Word is necessary. The hours are flexible within Mon-Fri., 9am-5pm. To be considered, apply here.


Science Teachers and Ph.D. Graduates Receive Diplomas Under the Blue Whale

Graduates, faculty, Museum administrators, and the honoree in academic regalia pose for a photo.

The 2018 graduating class of the Richard Gilder Graduate School at the American Museum of Natural History included six doctoral graduates and 16 Master of Arts in Teaching graduates.

© AMNH/D. Finnin


On Monday, October 1, the Museum held the sixth commencement ceremony for its Richard Gilder Graduate School, celebrating the achievements of 6 Ph.D. graduates from the Comparative Biology program and 16 Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) graduates. Museum Chairman Lewis Bernard delivered opening remarks, as did President Ellen V. Futter.



Dr. Daniel Barta

Danny Barta sits at a desk and uses a microscope and computer.

Working on his dissertation in the lab, Daniel Barta looks at the bone histology or microscopic structure of a Coelophysis specimen found at Ghost Ranch in New Mexico.

C. Yu

Dr. Allison Bronson

Allison Bronson (Richard Gilder Graduate School) in the field in Wyoming.

Dr. Anna Holden

Anna Holden (Richard Gilder Graduate School student) in the field.

Holden searches leaf litter near the James River in Virginia for earth-boring dung beetles (Geotrupidae).

A.V. Evans

Dr. Spencer Galen

Spencer Galen speaks to participants of the Museum Birdwalk as they walk through Central Park.

While a graduate student at the Museum, Spencer Galen leads The Metropolitan Society of Natural Historians on a spring bird walk through Central Park in May 2017.

MSNH/M. Chen

Dr. Adolfo Lara

Adolfo Lara (Richard Gilder Graduate School) stands in a lab at the Museum of Natural History, and looks at a slide.

A microscope slide of anemone tissue in a histology lab at the Museum allows Adolfo Lara to examine stinging cell secretions, called nematocysts, used for species level identification of anemones. 

A. Paasch

Dr. Rachel Welt

Rachel Welt holds her arm out to the side as a chameleon climbs on her arm.

Rachel Welt communes with a chameleon while on a 2016 field trip to Madagascar where she studied iguanas of the family Opluridae, the focus of her doctoral dissertation.

B. Randriamahatantsoa