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Field Collection Kit Requests

The AMCC may provide field collection kits, consisting of barcoded vials, boxes, and electronic data template, to researchers who wish to donate the collected specimens to the AMNH. Field kits are issued at the discretion of the AMCC Oversight Committee.

Upon return from the field, filled tissue vials should be given to the respective AMNH Departments (identified by Herpetology, Ichthyology, Invertebrate Zoology, Mammalogy, or Ornithology in the Dept/Partner field of the database) for cataloging as soon as possible, along with specimen data in electronic form. Accessioned specimens will be housed at the AMCC. If you're interested in donating specimens to the AMCC directly, please contact Svetlana Katanova. Please return unused vials.

Researchers may request a kit from the Collections Manager, Svetlana Katanova.