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American Museum of Natural History
Scientific Publications Policies (October 2010)

1. Introduction

1.1. The Serials. The museum publishes three scientific serials—Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History (for zoological monographs), American Museum Novitates (for shorter zoological works), and Anthropological Papers of the American Museum of Natural History (for works in anthropology).

1.2. Purpose of the Serials. The AMNH scientific serials are primarily intended to publish the research results of AMNH staff, fellowship recipients (postdoctoral scholars and graduate students), and affiliated scholars (Research Associates).

1.3. Scope of the Serials. Submitted manuscripts should report significant new discoveries of fact or interpretation that contribute to the advancement of a scientific discipline traditionally covered by our series (see 1.1). In general, the museum does not publish editorials, review articles, institutional histories, or new editions of previously published work.

1.4. Edited Volumes. Edited volumes of collected papers (festschrifts, memorial volumes, and symposia proceedings) may not be submitted except by invitation. Prospective editors should contact the Publications Committee of the Senate of the Scientific Staff with a proposal describing the planned volume in substantive detail. Proposals for edited volumes normally must include a commitment to pay all production costs (see 3.3 below).

2. Peer Review

2.1. Peer Review. All submitted manuscripts are evaluated by anonymous peer review, a process that is managed by the Publications Committee of the Senate of the Scientific Staff.

2.2. Use of AMNH Collections and Material. Given that the publication series are primarily focused on AMNH research, manuscripts by unaffiliated authors should significantly discuss AMNH collections or research; furthermore, unaffiliated authors are required to fund publication costs (see 3.3).

2.3. Appeals. There is no formal appeals process by which rejected manuscripts are reconsidered, although authors are free to communicate any concerns about the review process with the associate editor of their respective field.

3. Publication Charges

3.1. Publication Charges. Publications costs are primarily determined by author affiliation to the museum as described below. All queries about page charges are to be directed to the Associate Dean of Science for Collections.

3.2. AMNH Authors. The museum defrays publication charges, except as noted in 3.4, for (1) museum staff, (2) emeritus staff, (3) postdoctoral fellows and graduate students supported by museum fellowships, and (4) Research Associates. AMNH authors with access to substantial restricted funds relating to the published work in question are required to provide partial or full support for publication.

3.3. Outside Authors. Unaffiliated authors are required to fund 100% of publication costs (currently $85.00 per printed page).

3.4. Charges for Edited Works. Edited volumes of collected papers (e.g., festschrifts) normally must include a commitment to pay partial or all production costs (currently $85.00 per printed page).

3.5. AMNH Author Chargebacks. Unless authorization is obtained to bill departments, divisions, or other sources, AMNH authors are responsible for the following costs:

  • all color-reproduction charges
  • reprints in addition to author copies
  • excessive author-generated text corrections (averaging more than two per printed page)
  • author-generated illustration corrections
  • unusual printing (for items such as foldouts, gatefolds, and inserts).

4. Copyright

4.1. Ownership of copyright. Copyright to the work shall remain with the author(s).

4.2. License to AMNH. All authors shall grant AMNH a nonexclusive, irrevocable, license, gratis, to (1) publish the work in the Bulletin, Novitates, and Anthropological Papers, in all forms of media, worldwide and in perpetuity; and (2) provide permissions for reprints, translations, quotes, use of illustrations, tables, etc., through the AMNH Library, without further notice or compensation. The submitting author shall arrange for all coauthors, artists, and illustrators to grant rights to AMNH, and shall provide the license(s) of such grant to the Publications office, prior to the publication going to press.
5. Printed Errors

5.1. Errata. The museum does not supply errata sheets to alert readers of printed errors nor does it provide corrections to one publication in any succeeding publication.

5.2. Reprinting. In the event that an egregious error is printed, a reprint may be ordered after responsibility for the error is established. The cost of reprinting is the responsibility of the printer (for unacceptable printer's errors), the museum (for editorial errors), or the author (for authors' errors). Reprinting at the museum's or printer's expense is not justified for errors not noticed by the author in proofs of text and/or illustrations.

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