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Submission Guidelines

Prospective authors should be familiar with AMNH scientific publication policies.

The following materials must be provided by authors submitting work for publication in any of the museum’s scientific serials:

(1) The complete text and tables, in Word (in a single file if the manuscript is small, in separate files if large);

(2) the figures, compiled into a single emailable PDF document (these will necessarily be lower-resolution images than those used for production of an accepted manuscript);

(3) a signed, filled-out copy of the Manuscript Submission Form;

(4) a covering letter (preferably on institutional letterhead) that includes the names and e-mail addresses of three suggested reviewers; and

(5) any supplementary information intended for eventual archiving on AMNH servers.

All of these items should be sent as email attachments to one of the following associate editors, who may be contacted for additional information about any aspect of the submission process:

Jin Meng (Paleontology):

Lorenzo Prendini (Invertebrate Zoology):

Peter Whiteley (Anthropology):

Robert Voss (Vertebrate Zoology):

Submitted manuscripts must conform to AMNH formatting requirements (as detailed in the Style Manual), and be written in grammatically correct and correctly spelled English. (Any manuscript that is incorrectly formatted or requires extensive editing for English usage and/or spelling will not be sent out for review.) Additionally, please note that all nontrivial phylogenetic datasets (any larger than two printed pages) must be archived electronically either as supplementary information (see item 5, above) or using other online resources (such as MorphoBank, TreeBase, etc); manuscripts that include analyses based on such data will not be put into production until appropriate URLs or DOIs are provided for their retrieval.

Download the Manuscript Submission Form