Scientists from the American Museum of Natural History and from other institutions across the country, and around the world, conduct research at SWRS.  Fields of interest include entomology, herpetology, ornithology, mammalogy, botany, geology, arachnology, animal behavior and population, and behavioral and physiological ecology.  Numerous long-term studies are in progress, including: communal breeding in Mexican jays, evolution of unisexual parthenogenetic lizards, spadefoot toad reproduction, horned lizard ecology and behavior, sexual selection and behavior in striped plateau lizards, the evolution of social behaviors in ants, and insect systematics.


The Conference/Social Room, Education Building, and laboratories are wired with ADSL (internet).  We also have a small computer room that you may use.  Wireless is available in most open areas around the station such as the porches outside the rooms, the pool, and at most picnic tables scattered around the Station.  Wireless is also available in the triplexes, duplexes and at the dormitories.  We do not guarantee the wireless connection will be available at all times.  Heavy rains and other adverse conditions can sometimes interfere with wireless capabilities.  You are welcome to bring a laptop and use wireless when it is available (about 90% of the time) in the areas mentioned above.

Research Reservations and Applications

Scientists interested in conducting research at the Station may contact the Main Office to reserve space by phoning 520-558-2396 or emailing Additionally, they must submit a completed researcher application.

Those working on vertebrates must sign  and submit a Statement and Affidavit, along with a copy of their institution’s IACUC approval letter. Both documents must be received by the Main Office one month in advance of their arrival, and can be sent electronically via email to Furthermore, researchers working on vertebrates in Arizona and/or New Mexico must obtain state(s) collecting permit(s).  See links below.

The required application forms can be downloaded and filled by clicking the links below. Once completed, please save them to your computer, and then send as an attachment to  If necessary, you may fax the printed application forms to 520-558-2018.

Those interested in attending Dr. Rozen's Bee Biodiversity Initiative, please complete the SWRS BBI Application.



Funding Opportunities For Student Researchers

The Station has funds available for undergraduate, graduate and post-doctoral students conducting independent research projects on and around the SWRS. 

Students must have a researcher application on file at the SWRS before applying.  Students listed as assistants on their advisor's project are not eligible for SWRS support.

The amount of support available ranges from 10-50% of room and board fees.

To apply for a SWRS Student Subsidy please follow the instructions below. 

  1. You must apply for either the Chapman or Theodore Roosevelt Grant from the American Museum of Natural History:
    • If you are working on birds, click here and download the Chapman grant form. Fill it out and send it back to the AMNH. Applications are due 15 November of each year.
    • If you are working on invertebrates or vertebrates (not birds), click here and download the Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Fund grant form.  Fill it out and send it back to the AMNH. Applications are due February 15 of each year.
    • If you are working on flora, download the Theodore Roosevelt grant fund application (see second bullet above) and send it directly to the SWRS, not the AMNH. The AMNH does not have an application for plants. Applications are due February 15 of each year.
  2. If you receive one of the AMNH grants you are NOT eligible to apply for a student subsidy from the SWRS. 
    If you do NOT receive a grant continue to number 3 below. 
  3. Please enclose the following in your application for a SWRS student subsidy:
    • Your letter of rejection from the AMNH for either the Chapman or Theodore Roosevelt Grant,
    • Your proposal with a complete budget.  You may use the same application that you used for the AMNH grant,
    • A letter from your adviser stating that you have no grant or institutional funding available for room and board while conducting your research at the SWRS. 
  4. Send your application package to Southwestern Research Station, ATTN: Director, P.O. Box 16553, Portal, AZ  85632. 

NOTE: Students receiving a SWRS Student Support Fund grant must reside at the Station while conducting their research. The Student Support Fund only funds room and board expenses at the SWRS.