Current Research Projects 2018

Calabrese, Gina; 7/1/18—8/5/18; University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill; Drivers of reproductive isolation among populations of Spea multiplicata; Email:

Gherghel, Iulian; 7/4/18—8/15/18; Department of Biology, Case Western Reserve University; Field and experimental testing for coevolutionary dynamics driven by resource polymorphism; Email:

Jablonski, Piotr; 1/20/18—2/4/18; Seoul National University; Winter Ecology of Mexican Jays; Email:

Kelly, Patrick: 6/24/18—9/12/18; University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Sexual Selection and Resource Competition in Spadefoot Toads; Email:

Martin, Ryan; 7/1/17—8/10/18; Case Western University; Ecological Character Displacement, Ecosystem Processes, and Community Structure; Email:

Worthington, Sarah; 5/16/18—7/5/18; Indiana State University; Hormones, maternal aggression and natal dispersal in female Sceloporus jarrovii lizards; Email: