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George F. Barrowclough

Associate Curator, Department of Ornithology, Division of Vertebrate Zoology
Principal Investigator, Sackler Institute for Comparative Genomics
Associate Professor, Richard Gilder Graduate School

Curriculum Vitae (short version)
  • Education

      • University of Minnesota, Ph.D, 1980
      • Brown University, Sc.M, 1972
      • Brown University, Sc.B, 1970
  • Research Interests

    Research Interests

      Dr. Barrowclough uses mitochondrial and nuclear DNA sequences, along with computer analyses, to investigate the evolution and systematics of birds. This research includes phylogenetic studies of avian genera, families, and orders, as well as intraspecific studies of population genetics and phylogeography. The latter investigations have included species, such as the spotted owl and California gnatcatcher, which are of conservation concern.

      Determining the evolutionary relationships (phylogeny) of birds has ben a long-standing, difficult problem; Barrowclough and his colleagues have used slowly evolving and easily aligned nuclear exons for this purpose. This also has led to general investigations of molecular evolution, particularly aspects of base composition.

      Traditional studies of geographic variation used plumage color and skeletal measurements to describe spatial patterns. These now have been replaced by DNA surveys of population samples distributed across a species' range. DNA sequences enable the description of geographic patterns of the distribution of genetic variation, as well as the inference of historical processes, such as population growth, range expansion, and of population interactions, including gene flow and hybridization.

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