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Kennet E. Flores

Brooklyn College

  • Education

      • Université de Lausanne, Ph.D., 2009
      • Université de Lausanne, DEA, 2006
      • Universidad de Costa Rica, Lic., 2003
      • Universidad de Costa Rica, B.S., 2002
  • Research Interests

    Research Interests

      Dr. Flores is a geologist specializing in geodynamics of subduction zones and plate tectonics. He studies ophiolites, accreted oceanic crust and high pressure / low temperature (HP/LT) mélanges and belts, in order to understand the evolution of convergent margins. His primary focus is on collisions, obductions and exhumation events. As a field geologist, he applies various techniques, including structural geology, geochemistry, metamorphic petrology, geochronology and sedimentology, in order to develop geodynamic scenarios and plate tectonic models for fossil convergent margins. His other foci are the evolution and modeling of the plate tectonics of the Pacific Ocean including the Circum-Pacific convergent margins and the exhumation tectonics of HP/LT mélanges and belts around the world.

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  • Teaching Experience

    Teaching Experience