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Michael Shara

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Curator, Department of Astrophysics, Division of Physical Sciences
Professor, Richard Gilder Graduate School

Curriculum Vitae (short version)


  • Tel Aviv University, Ph.D., 1977
  • University of Toronto, M.Sc., 1973
  • University of Toronto, B.Sc., 1971

Research Interests

Dr. Shara's research interests include the structure and evolution of novae and supernovae; collisions between stars and the remnant descendants of those collisions; and the populations of stars inhabiting star clusters and galaxies. He frequently observes with the Hubble Space Telescope and other large ground-based telescopes. His research team at the museum is currently surveying our Milky Way galaxy for all of its pre-supernova stars and black hole binaries. He also studies the evolution of nova binary stars over billions of years, and has recently shown that metamorphosis occurs between different types of cataclysmic binary stars.


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Observations and Data Analysis Methods

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An Ancient Nova Shell Surrounds the Dwarf Nova Z Cam

Nature 446, 159-162 (2007)

Teaching Experience

Faculty Appointments

  • AMNH Masters of Arts in Teaching Program
  • Adjunct Professor, Department of Astronomy, Columbia University, 1999-present
  • Visiting Professor, Department of Astronomy, Columbia University, 1993

Courses Taught

  • Stellar Structure and Evolution, Graduate Course, Columbia University, Fall 2014

Graduate Advisees

  • Graham Kanarek, Columbia University
  • Kathryn Stanonik, Columbia University

Graduate Committees

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