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Daniel Barta

PhD Student, Richard Gilder Graduate School
PhD Student, Richard Gilder Graduate School

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  • Education

      • Ph.D. in Comparative Biology, Richard Gilder Graduate School at the American Museum of Natural History, anticipated 2018. (Primary Advisor: Dr. Mark Norell, Co-advisor: Dr. Meng Jin, Committee Member: Dr. Melanie Hopkins)
      • M.S. Earth Sciences, Montana State University, 2014. (Primary Advisor: Dr. David Varricchio, Committee Members: Dr. Frankie Jackson, Dr. Matt Lavin) Thesis Title: A phylogenetic approach to understanding dinosaur egg diversity and the evolution of reproductive traits within Dinosauria.
      • B. S. Earth Sciences-Paleontology, Montana State University, 2012.

  • Research Interests

    Research Interests

      I am a Ph.D. Candidate in Comparative Biology at the Richard Gilder Graduate School at the American Museum of Natural History. I grew up in Helena, Montana, and hold Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Earth Sciences from Montana State University.

      Broadly, I am interested in vertebrate reproduction, growth, and development. My research integrates fieldwork with phylogenetic, histological, and taphonomic techniques to better understand the evolution of ontogenetic trajectories, eggs, and nesting strategies of extinct animals and their living relatives. Fieldwork in the western United States, China, and Mongolia shapes my interests in the faunal evolution and biostratigraphy of the Cretaceous of Asia and North America.

      Currently I focus on the post-hatching growth and development of basal theropod and ornithischian dinosaurs. The exceptional sample sizes available at the American Museum of Natural History can provide important insight into dinosaur growth rates and anatomical transformations during development, thereby establishing an essential context for understanding both individual morphological variation and the evolution of the extreme growth and metabolic rates achieved by dinosaurs’ bird descendants.

      I am passionate about sharing through outreach the thrill of the scientific process and our evolutionary history that it reveals.

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