Reserved AMNH Catalog Number Policy

The Department of Herpetology provides catalog numbers as promptly as possible for specimens being deposited as vouchers. Normally, these specimens must be sent directly to the AMNH so that proper tagging and cataloging may be assured; however, the Department also recognizes that investigators may in rare cases need a few catalog numbers (e.g., for type specimens) ahead of time. When absolutely necessary, the Department will oblige by sending catalog tags only under the following procedure:

  1. Send complete data and relevant paperwork (e.g., letter of donation, copies of permits) for all specimens to be cataloged in the Department of Herpetology.
  2. Specimens will be promptly cataloged and AMNH Amphibian or Reptile Collection numbers will be assigned. If there is special consideration needed in the assigning of catalog numbers, this information must be included with the complete data.
  3. The AMNH number tags to be tied to specimens will be sent and handled as a Department of Herpetology Loan. Complete catalog data will be included on this invoice, to be verified by the investigator.
  4. On receipt, the Loan Invoice white copy needs to be signed, dated, and returned. Return of this copy is confirmation that the AMNH herpetological tags have been tied to the specimens and that the corresponding catalog data are correct.

This procedure is a safeguard for the investigator, as it prevents duplicate assignment of catalog numbers and facilitates proper curation when the tagged specimens arrive to the Department of Herpetology.