Con Edison STEM Days Out: Insect Biodiversity

Various insect specimens laid out on light background, including butterflies, moths, scorpion, beetles, grasshopper, stick insect, and more.
In this live virtual presentation, facilitated by an AMNH educator, students will learn about the biodiversity of insects and their critical importance for terrestrial ecosystems. 

Participants will explore how insects' highly specialized physical and behavioral adaptations allow them to live in an extraordinary range of habitats. The session will include specimens from the Museum's collections, various media, and an opportunity to address student questions. 

Available for middle school (grades 6-8) classes in New York City and Westchester County only. Sessions have been designed to have the flexibility to meet the needs of all learners—special-needs classes are encouraged to apply!

Currently accepting applications for the following dates.

  • Wednesday 3/29/2023
  • Wednesday 4/19/2023
  • Wednesday 4/26/2023
  • Wednesday 5/10/2023
  • Wednesday 5/24/2023
  • Wednesday 6/7/2023

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For questions related to this program, email Conor Odell at [email protected]

This program is offered free of charge through the Con Edison STEM Days Out Program