One Step Beyond

One Step Beyond with DJ Rashad and DJ Spinn, and Nick Catchdubs

February 28, 2014

DJ Rashad and DJ Spinn (DJ set), headliner


After DJ Rashad and DJ Spinn met in 1996 during homeroom at Thornwood High School, they quickly began producing tracks at each other’s houses. They also DJ’d parties with RP Boo, DJ Clent, Gant­Man, Poncho, and various essential Dance Mania DJs including DJ Deeon, Jammin Gerald, DJ Funk, and DJ PJ. Since then they have released tracks, DJ’d parties around the world, and founded a DJ and production crew called the “TekLife”—connecting veteran DJs and producers who mentor younger DJs in the music business. DJ Rashad’s album “Double Cup” was given “Best New Music” by pitchfork in 2013

Nick Catchdubs, support

ezembedFor nearly a decade, Nick Catchdubs had been DJing around the world from Lollapalooza and Camp Bisco to Electric Daisy Carnival and HARDFest. Catchdubs is also co-founder of the label Fool’s Gold, which has introduced artists like Danny Brown, Kid Cudi, and Duck Sauce.

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