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One Step Beyond

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During this ongoing party series, guests can dance in the Museum’s Rose Center for Earth and Space. Guests can also enjoy the Hayden Big Bang Theater, located in the lower part of the Hayden Sphere, which features a dynamic multi-media presentation, narrated by acclaimed actor Liam Neeson, that takes visitors on a thrilling four-minute trip from Earth to the edge of the visible universe. Each ticket also includes one pass to the Museum for future use. One Step Beyond is presented with Brightest Young Things.

Machinedrum (DJ set), headliner

Photo of DJ Travis Stewart, known as Machinedrum, seated, wearing black clothes and leaning forward

Born in North Carolina, Travis Stewart, known as Machinedrum, released several albums under various aliases before releasing his Machinedrum debut “Now You Know” in 2001. Machinedrum has released many albums since then, including “Vapor City” last year; and produced work for Azealia Banks, Jamie Liddell, Jesse Boykins III, and others.



The Los Angeles based duo, Asma Maroof and Daniel Pineda, were raised in the 1990s on R&B and hip-hop radio. Originating in their Wildness parties in Los Angeles, NGUZUNGUZU became known as the DJ underground and have had several releases and produced pieces with Kelela, Maluca, and their new collaborative Future Brown project featuring Fatima Al Qadari and Lit City Trax’s J-Cush.

Jubilee, opening DJ


Brooklyn DJ and producer Jessica Gentile, aka Jubilee, takes her name from the firework-generating X-Men character. Jubilee has teamed up with Mixpak label and Dre Skull to put on a party called Mixpak Extended Play; plays guest sets on BBC Radio 1, Shade 45, and Rinse FM; and hosts two radio shows of her own on Brooklyn Radio and Radio Lily. She released “Pop It!” in 2011, more recently, a collaboration with friend Burt Fox called “Keys Wallet Phone,” and has a new solo record called “Pull Ova” coming soon.


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