Permanent Exhibitions

The Museum's halls are rich in scientific and cultural content. Use this guide to help you plan a field trip that connects to your classroom. Browse the exhibition pages to view photos of exhibit specimens, artifacts, watch curator videos and more. Where do you want to go?



Gottesman Hall of Planet Earth 

Guggenheim Hall of Minerals

Morgan Hall of Gems

Ross Hall of Meteorites



Hall of Vertebrate Origins

Koch Dinosaur Wing (Hall of Ornithischian Dinosaurs and Hall of Saurischian Dinosaurs)

Milstein Hall of Advanced Mammals

Wallace Hall of Primitive Mammals and Their Extinct Relatives



Akeley Hall of African Mammals

Hall of Asian Mammals

Hall of Biodiversity

Hall of Birds of the World

Hall of New York City Birds

Hall of New York State Mammals

Hall of North American Birds

Hall of North American Forests

Bernard Family Hall of North American Mammals

Hall of Primates

Hall of Reptiles and Amphibians

Hall of Small Mammals

Milstein Hall of Ocean Life

Spitzer Hall of Human Origins

Warburg Hall of New York State Environment



Big Bang Theater

Cullman Hall of the Universe

Hayden Planetarium

Dark Universe Space Show

Heilbrunn Cosmic Pathway

Rose Center for Earth and Space

Ross Terrace

Scales of the Universe

Weston Pavilion



Grand Gallery

Hall of African Peoples

Hall of Eastern Woodland Indians

Hall of Mexico and Central America

Hall of Plains Indians

Hall of Northwest Coast Indians

Hall of South American Peoples

Mead Hall of Pacific Peoples

Stout Hall of Asian Peoples

Theodore Roosevelt Rotunda

Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Hall

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