For thousands of years, peoples around the world practiced mummification as a way of preserving and honoring their dead.

Mummies brings you face to face with some of these ancient individuals and reveals how scientists are using modern technology to glean stunning details about them and their cultures.

Discover when, how, and why ancient Egyptians and Peruvians were mummified and find out who they were in life. This show features an up-close look at rarely-exhibited mummies as well as interactive touch tables, rare artifacts, and cutting-edge imaging.

Exhibition Highlights

Mummies in Egypt


Mummies in Egypt

In our imagination, mummies are linked with ancient Egypt, and not without reason. Mummification was practiced there for thousands of years.

Mummies is co-curated by David Hurst Thomas, curator of North American Archaeology in the Division of Anthropology and John J. Flynn, Frick Curator of Fossil Mammals in the Division of Paleontology.

Mummies was developed by The Field Museum, Chicago.

The Museum gratefully acknowledges the Richard and Karen LeFrak Exhibition and Education Fund.

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Top video: © AMNH
Second video: Courtesy of the Field Museum