Museum Conduct

Welcome to the Museum! Please review these school group guidelines with your group before your visit. Any school group not following the below guidelines will be asked to leave the Museum. Thank you for your cooperation.

  • We require one teacher and/or chaperone for every ten students (1:10). Teachers and/or chaperones must accompany their groups at all times (no exceptions).
  • Please use "inside voices" throughout the Museum at all times. Safety is our first concern - no running, yelling, listening to radios, or using Museum exhibit cases as drawing surfaces is allowed.Please note other school groups and visitors will be sharing the exhibition space. It is very important that your group is focused and respectful of others.
  • No food, drink, candy, or chewing gum allowed in exhibition halls). Dispose of all trash in trash receptacles.
  • Please keep all coats, hats or backpacks with you at all times the Museum.
  • Space Shows and LeFrak Theater films: Groups are expected to be on time, remain quiet (library voices) and in their seats. No refunds due to late arrivals.
  • Rose Center for Earth and Space: Please be advised when using the escalators to use caution, hold handrails, and exit promptly.

Artifacts And Specimens

Many of the Museum's artifacts, specimens, paintings and murals throughout the Museum are not to be touched. Help us protect our priceless treasures by respecting our collections.


Photography In The Museum

Photography is allowed with handheld cameras (except where noted) and with available light or electronic flash attachments. Tripods and lights may not be used. Reproduction or sale of photographs is not allowed without permission. Photography is not permitted in the theaters and in special exhibitions.


Exhibit Hall Closings

Occasionally some halls in the Museum may be closed. To ensure that the specific hall you are coming to see is open, please call the Museum five days prior to your scheduled field trip at (212) 769-5100 and listen for the weekly hall closings.


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