NCEP Module Collection

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As part of our strategy to develop capacity for conservation worldwide, we produce open-access resources for teaching and learning—called “modules”—on diverse topics in conservation. Designed for the university and professional level but completely adaptable, each multi-component module is peer-reviewed and targets educational outcomes central to conservation practice. Modules developed with local partners are available in multiple languages and tailored to local contexts. All NCEP modules in our collection are available free of charge for educational use, adaptation, and distribution. Please note that registration is required for educator-only content.   

Access the NCEP Module Collection

Over 160 NCEP modules are currently available in numerous languages and include resources to:

  • Learn: Relevant in-depth background readings that synthesize key issues and perspectives on a topic
  • Teach: Relevant visuals, teaching notes, exercise solutions, and student learning assessments to enhance teaching
  • Practice: Practical exercises in biodiversity conservation that apply fundamental concepts and develop professional skills
  • Explore: Real-world case studies and scenarios for interdisciplinary, problem-based learning
  • Connect: Insights, tips, and reviews from the NCEP teaching and learning community     

A selection of modules is also published through NCEP’s official journal, Lessons in Conservation.

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