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SCCS-NY 2013 Award Winners

Best Talks

Winner: Conservation Implications of Oceanic Manta Ray Spatial Ecology

Joshua Stewart, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, USCD


Winner: Social Interactions in the Ivory Trade: Comparing Chinese and Western Perspectives

Gao Yufang, Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies 


Best Speed Talks

Winner: Acoustic Monitoring as a Scalable Seabird Monitoring Solution

Abraham Borker, University of California Santa Cruz 


Winner: Urban Green Roofs Provide Foraging Habitats for Bats

Kaitlyn Parkins, Fordham University


Winner: How Do Wild grazers Respond to Cattle Grazing on Shared Rangelands in East Africa

Jennifer Schieltz, Princeton University 


Best Posters

Winner: Evaluating the Resilience of Peris Napi Oleracea Butterflies to Exotic Invasive Plants

Kelly Boisvert, Tufts University 

Kelly Boisver best poster sccs-ny 2013

Winner: A Treasure Chest of Unexplored Diversity: Feather Mites of Endangered Birds in Brazil

Fabio Hernandes, Universidade Esadual Paulista (UNESP), Brazil

Fabio hernandes best poster sccs-ny 2013

Winner: The Unexpected Discovery of a New Cryptic Frog From the Urban Northeastern U.S.

Jeremy Feinberg, Rutgers University

Jeremy feinberg best poster scca-ny 2013