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SCCS-NY 2018 Award Winners

Conference Overall

Best Talk

Compensating for conflict: insights from India and a novel conservation intervention

Anubhav Vanamamalai, Centre for Wildlife Studies Bangalore 

Best Speed Talk

Tackling the pangolin trade with genetics, detection dogs, and museum samples

Hyeon Jeong Kim, University of Washington

Best Poster

Pumas and other predators as ecosystem engineers for carrion-dependent invertebrates

Joshua Barry, Pace University

Insights into bacterial gut, skin, and oral microbiomes of free-ranging bobcats

Angela Benton, American Museum of Natural History and Gabriella Sosa Medina, St. John's University


In the category of Best Use of Quantitative Methods in Conservation Research: courtesy of Applied Biomathematics

Best Talk

A next-generation approach to the diet analysis of green crabs in the Gulf of Maine

Vanessa Van Deusen, Barnard College 

Best Poster

Identifying resilient individuals of an endangered coral for reef restoration

Kathryn Lesneski, Boston University


In the category of Outstanding Research in Land Use and Stewardship: courtesy of the Lincoln Institute for Land Policy and Harvard Forest

Best Talk

Local perceptions of village sacred forests in Western India

Shruti Mokashi, SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry

Strategies for enhancing carbon stocks in smallholder shade coffee systems

Vanessa Kichline, Rhinebeck

Best Speed Talk 

Safe passage: a performance assessment of large mammal highway crossing structures

A.Z. Andis Arietta, Yale University

Best Poster

Assessment of Dead Wood Fungi Biodiversity in Parks and Reserves Across New Jersey

Shazneka Blue, Kean University 


In the category of Natural History in the Age of Conservation

Best Talk

Phenology of Canada Darner (Aeshna canadensis) dragonflies in Minnesota

Maia Cruz-Erjavec, Augsburg University

Age and habitat-driven responses to climate change in high altitude tropical pines

Paolo Quadri, University of California