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Mussel Species

Freshwater Mussels of the New York Metro Area and New Jersey

Genus Alasmidonta
Alasmidonta heterodondwarf wedgemussel
Genus Alasmidonta
Alasmidonta varicosabrook floater
Genus Alasmidonta
Alasmidonta undulatatriangle floater
Anodonta implicata
Anodonta implicataalewife floater
Corbicula fulminea or asiatic clam
Corbicula fulmineaasiatic clam
Dreissena bugensis
Dreissena bugensisquagga mussel
Dreissena polymorpha
Dreissena polymorphazebra mussel
Elliptio complanata
Elliptio complanataeastern elliptio
A dorsal view of the two open halves of a Lampisilis cariosa shell. It is a species of freshwater mussel.
Lampsilis cariosayellow lampmussel
The shell of the eastern lampmussel with its greenish brown color, and greening rays covering the entire shell.
Lampsilis radiataeastern lampmussel
Lasmigona subviridis
Lasmigona subviridisgreen floater
Leptodea ochracea
Leptodea ochraceatidewater mucket
Ligumia nasuta
Ligumia nasutaeastern pondmussel
Dorsal view of a bivalve mollusk, apparently a mussel, with the two shells spread open and connected at the center.
Margaritifera margaritiferaeastern pearlshell
Pyganodon cataracta
Pyganodon cataractaeastern floater
Strophitus undulatus
Strophitus undulatuscreeper
The rust-colored shell of a paper pondshell mussel (Utterbackia imbecillis).
Utterbackia imbecillispaper pondshell