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Posterior Ridge and Posterior Slope

A heterodon Full Posterior
Alasmidonta heterodondwarf wedgemussel
A varicosa Full Posterior
Alasmidonta varicosabrook floater

The posterior end of the shell may have useful features for identification, including a pronounced posterior ridge in some species, often combined with a clearly defined posterior slope.

Species of Alasmidonta have a short, steep slope.

L cariosa Full Posterior
Lampsilis cariosayellow lampmussel
L ochracea Full Posterior
Leptodea ochraceatidewater mucket

In some species, such as A. heterodon, the ridge and slope may be more rounded than, for example, in A. varicosa. Genus Leptodea has a strongly pronounced, edge- like ridge in several species.

The posterior slope in Lampsilis species is broader and flatter.