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Darwin's young children sometimes painted pictures and wrote stories on the back of draft manuscripts for Darwin's books & notes. These drawings & stories were precious to the Darwin family. So it was thanks to the fortunate meeting of the children's play with their father's science that these extremely rare manuscripts of the Origin of Species (4 pages), Origin Portfolios type notes (2 notes), Cirripedia (9 pages), Orchids (1 page) were preserved. Otherwise, these items, precious to scholars, would have most likely been destroyed. Moreover, the four Origin pages are part of the only 45 Origin pages (plus 9 insert slips) that are extant--out of the original c. 600 page draft. The 9 surviving Cirripedia pages (8 fragments and 1 full page) are the sole survivors of that massive work. However, most often the children simply used their father's writing paper--without his writing--to produce their pictures and their tales. We present here the totality of 111 images, which includes 94 images produced by the children and 17 images with drafts or notes in Darwin's handwriting.  


Drawings on draft pages of Origin of Species & on other CD manuscripts

Drawings without CD Mss