Parker Gambino, Ph.D.

Field Associate

(845) 278-0267


Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley

Research Interests

Dr. Gambino works on Hymenoptera resource inventory monitoring, focusing on bees and wasps, mostly in the New York area.  He's a regular at BioBlitzes in the region.  He is also involved in local environmental education; a long-range project is the development of materials to make organisms of the urban forest usefully available to educators.


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Teaching Experience

1996 - 2016 Biology Teacher, Greenwich High School:   Biology, Human Biology, Horticulture

1995-96 Earth Science Teacher, DeWitt Clinton High School:   NY State Regents Earth Science - 9th grade

1991-95 Biology Teacher, Bronx High School of Science:   NY State Regents Biology, Biomedical Ethics, Health

1999  Instructor, New York Botanical Garden:    The Honeybee and Garden Pollinators  (summer course)

1994  Instructor, New York Botanical Garden:    Entomology (summer course)

1984-6  Laboratory Teaching Assistant, UC Berkeley:   Functional Insect Anatomy, Introductory Biology,   Introduction to Entomology

1980‑81 Laboratory Teaching Fellow, Fordham University:   Microbiology

1979‑80 Laboratory Teaching Assistant, Fordham University:   General Biology

1978‑79 Science Teacher, IS 131 (Bronx, NY):   General Science