Louis N. Sorkin



Research Interests

Collection Responsibility: Araneae

Louis Sorkin began his career in arachnid studies during his graduate work at the University of Connecticut where he researched arthropod parasites of spiders and mite work. In 1978, Lou began work on spider and other arachnid collections working under Dr. Norman Platnick, Curator, in what was named the Department of Entomology at the American Museum of Natural History. Over the years he has sorted through many spider collections and labeled thousands of vials and has worked with many arachnologists, some visiting and examining the museum’s collection and sometimes at other institutions during his visits or on excursions from arachnology meetings. 

He fields many public inquiries regarding insects and other arthropods. His interest in entomophagy and forensic entomology (the latter includes stored products, urban, and medico-legal studies) began many years ago. Some of the cases and investigations have been aired online, on television and radio and in the print media. At present, some of his studies include investigations on the common bed bug, Cimex lectularius (Hemiptera: Cimicidae) due to the relatively recent increase in infestations of many homes, business, hotels, by this insect and for which he receives inquiries on their natural history and biology and management. He keeps a few bed bug colonies for study and for educational purposes. 

Collection Responsibility: Araneae


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