Documentation of the Salvage Operation

As the salvage gets underway, it is essential to keep records and take photographs of the objects or collections involved, their present condition, and how they will be treated in the short term.

In addition to the incident records discussed in Response, Salvage Records are also essential documents.  Salvage Records are created by the Recorder(s) in each Salvage Team deployed by the Collection Emergency Response Leader. The Recorder will work closely with the person in charge of Triage. Pre-printed salvage forms can be prepared to record:

  • The items, objects or collections to be moved
  • The salvage/stabilization method to be employed (air dry, freeze, etc.)
  • Where the item(s) is going when it leaves the salvage area.

For more information on documenting damage to collections at the disaster site click here.

If collections are moved from the incident site after salvage, you will need to keep packing and tracking records. i.e., an inventory of objects moving out of the incident site (box lists if they are in boxes), and destination.  If you are working with a disaster recovery vendor, the vendor will normally keep a box inventory as collections are packed and moved.  Discuss with the vendor the level of detail that you require or these records.  Click here to obtain more information on tacking and packing records. If you have a standing contract with a vendor, this question should be discussed and decided in advance of an event but it is recommended that you initial all the pages of their inventory and have someone with the vendor’s staffer at all times to protect your collections.  For more on working with a recovery vendor click here.

As the salvage gets underway, you need to keep records of the objects or collections involved, their condition, and how they will be treated. Other forms you might want to think about developing:

  • Building incident report form
  • Volunteer sign in/sign out sheet
  • Environmental monitoring log
  • Bomb threat form
  • Donors form for the donation of supplies