Interns: Natural Science Collections

Close-up out-of-focus shot of a specimen tray with hundreds of insects or insect galls on tiny white labels impaled with straight pins. ©Justine Cooper, Courtesy Daneyal Mahmood Gallery


Name: Nicole Feldman 
Title: IMLS Project Intern, Fourth-Year Graduate Intern, 2021-2022 Kress Fellow 
Affiliation: Conservation Center, Institute of Fine Arts, New York University (current student) 
Project(s): IMLS Feather Conservation Project, Wax and Glass Models Condition Survey, Collections Core exhibit conservation 

Name: Leslie Vilicich 
Title: IMLS Project Intern 
Affiliation: pre-program 
Project(s): IMLS Feather Conservation Project 

Name: Devon Lee 
Title: Conservation Technician, Lab Intern 
Affiliation: pre-program 
Project(s): Materials Testing for Collections Core permanent exhibit, Conservation of Fossil Skeletal Material