AMNH Fossil Mammal Type Catalog

The fossil mammal collections at the American Museum of Natural History contain nearly 2,000 primary type specimens (genotypes and holotypes), together with around 1,500 casts of primary types from other institutions (plastotypes). Bob Evander has been undertaking a research project to develop and publish a comprehensive catalog of these primary types for a number of years and a preliminary listing of specimens is now available. Specimen lists can be accessed by clicking on the links below.

These data are being provided for the purpose of obtaining comments and amendments from the paleontological community and will be available through the end of 2010. Comments should be sent to [email protected]

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Lipotyphla.htm 189 KB
Non_Therians.htm 136.87 KB
Primitive_Therians.htm 516.12 KB
Archonta.htm 505.95 KB
Caniform_Carnivora.htm 739.35 KB
Ceratomorph_Perissodactyla.htm 487.37 KB
Feliform_Carnivora.htm 223.62 KB
Hippomorph_Perissodactyla.htm 398.83 KB
Meridiungulata.htm 218.92 KB
Non-Ruminant_Artiodactyla.htm 646.14 KB
Primitive_Anagalida.htm 124.56 KB
Primitive Ungulata.htm 508.3 KB
Primitive_Ferae.htm 467.47 KB
Rodentia.htm 616.05 KB
Ruminant_Artiodactyla.htm 417.91 KB
Uranotheria.htm 310.68 KB