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MODEST (Modeling and Observing DEnse STellar Systems) is a coalition of astrophysicists working on stellar dynamics, stellar evolution, hydrodynamics and observations of dense stellar systems.  Their collective goal is to build sophisticated theoretical and numerical models that successfully combine these physical processes into a single software package capable of simulating dense stellar systems with ever-improving accuracy and sophistication.  Many of these goals have already been realized, including the integration of stellar evolution modules into the existing N-body dynamics framework.  But there is more work to be done.  At this meeting, we aim to elevate the integration of large-scale hydrodynamics into existing N-body codes to a similar level of sophistication.

The MODEST Conferences

The MODEST Conferences, held once or even twice each year, are the leading international forum for bringing together astronomers to advance the state-of-the-art in large-scale astrophysical software for simulating dense stellar systems.  The first such meeting was held in 2002 at the American Museum of Natural History: http://www.manybody.org/modest/Workshops/modest-1.html.  The aim of these conferences is to provide a software framework for large-scale simulations of dense stellar systems that successfully combine the relevant physical processes, including gravitational dynamics, stellar evolution, gas hydrodynamics, etc., into a single environment.  To read more about MODEST visit http://www.manybody.org/modest/.  

The meetings generally do not exceed a hundred attendees, and are often structured to allow opportunities for both formal and informal exchanges of ideas. They have included a variety of invited and contributed talks and poster presentations. Some attendees are welcome to participate fully in the meetings as observers but not give formal presentations.