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MODEST-16 Schedule

Day 1: Globular and Open Clusters:  Theory and Observations

9:00-9:40 Bob Mathieu Alternative Pathways of Stellar Evolution in Open Clusters
9:40-10:15 Aaron Geller The Lives of Exotic Stars
10:15-10:40 Coffee  
10:40-11:05 Harvey Richer Observations of GC Cores
11:05-11:30 Laura Watkins Internal kinematics of Galactic globular clusters with HST proper motions
11:30-11:55 Nathan Leigh Where are all the collision products in globular clusters?
11:55-12:10 Discussion  
12:10-1:30 Lunch  
1:30-2:05 Greg Bryan Globular cluster formation at low metallicity: fragmentation vs. collapse
2:05-2:30 Luca Rossi Formation and evolution of star cluster systems in realistic tidal fields
2:30-2:55 Michael Fellhauer Mass-segregation in young star forming regions
2:55-3:25 Coffee  
3:25-3:50 Dongming Jin Binary BHs in GCs in the Virgo Cluster
3:50-4:15 Jeremy Webb On the Link Between Energy Equipartition and Radial Variation in the Stellar Mass Function of Star Clusters
4:15-4:40 Sambaran Banerjee Constraints on massive cluster assembly from stellar dynamics
4:40-5:15 Discussion  


Day 2:  Dwarf Galaxies and small black holes

9:00-9:40 David Spergel The Flatiron Institute's Center for Computational Astrophysics 
9:40-10:15 Gurtina Besla The Magellanic Clouds and the Milky Way's Circumgalatic Medium
10:15-10:45 Coffee  
10:45-11:10 Dong Zhang Radiation Pressure-Driven and Supernova-Driven Galactic Winds
11:10-11:35 In Suk Jang ULXs as Off-Centre Nuclear X-Ray Sources
11:35-12:00 Taeho Ryu Two products of the first BHs in the early universe - X-ray binaries and supermassive black holes
12:00-12:30 Discussion  
12:30-2:00 Lunch  
2:00-2:40 Vivienne Baldassare The population and properties of active galactic nuclei in dwarf galaxies
2:40-3:05 Chris Hayward Starbursts, outflows, and the emergence of disk galaxies
3:05-3:30 Tjitske Starkenburg Dark Influences: the impact of dark satellites on dwarf galaxies
3:30-4:00 Coffee  
4:00-4:25 Sarah Pearson Modeling the Stellar and Gaseous Dynamical Evolution of a Dwarf-Dwarf Interaction
4:25-4:50 Kung-Yi Su Feedback first: the surprisingly weak effects of magnetic fields, viscosity, conduction, and metal diffusion on galaxy formation
4:50-5:15 Johan Samsing Tidal Effects in Fewbody Interactions
5:15-5:40 Adrian Hamers Secular dynamics in hierarchical systems
5:40-6:00 Discussion  
6:00-7:00 Aaron Geller Planetarium Demonstration


Day 3:  Nuclear Star Clusters and larger black holes

9:00-9:40 Anil Seth Observational Overview of Nuclear Star Clusters
9:40-10:05 Jerry Ostriker Were NSCs Formed from In-spiraling Globular Clusters? 
10:05-10:45 Nora Luetzgendorf Stellar winds near massive black holes: The case of the S-stars
10:45-11:15 Coffee  
11:15-11:40 Danor Aharon Formation and evolution of nuclear star clusters with SF: Nuclear cores, TDEs history & extreme mass ratio inspirals
11:40-12:05 Aleksey Generozov The influence of the nuclear gas environment on radio emission from transient jets
12:05-12:30 Kirill Lezhnin Tidal disruption rates in non-spherical galactic nuclei formed by galaxy mergers
12:30-2:00 Lunch  
2:00-2:40 Fabio Antonini Formation and evolution of nuclear clusters and their role in the era of gravitational wave astronomy
2:40-3:20 Hagai Perets The multi-scale dynamics of nuclear clusters, disks and massive black holes
3:20-3:45 Saavik Ford Stars as Resonant Absorbers of Gravitational Waves? 
3:45-4:15 Coffee  
4:15-4:40 Nick Stone Tidal Encounter Runaways and the Formation of Massive Black Holes in NSCs
4:40-5:05 Barry McKernan IMBH Formation in Nuclear Disks?
5:05-6:00 Discussion  


Day 4:  Physics of Star Formation and Numerical Methods in Star Formation

9:00-9:40 Mordecai-Mark Mac Low Formation and Evolution of Giant Molecular Clouds: Gravity or Turbulence?
9:40-10:15 Steve McMillan Stellar Dynamics and Star Formation with AMUSE
10:15-10:45 Coffee  
10:45-11:10 Josh Wall GC Formation with AMUSE?
11:10-11:35 Steven Rieder MYStIXal AMUSEment: Simulations of young stellar environments with AMUSE
11:35-12:00 Kelly Blumenthal From Gas to Clusters
12:00-1:30 Lunch  
1:30-2:05 Stella Offner The Role of Feedback in Star Cluster Formation: Radiation, Outflows and Winds
2:05-2:30 Bekdaulet Shukirgaliyev Improving the Survival Likelihood of Star Clusters After Instantaneous Gas Expulsion
2:30-3:05 Jill Naiman Should I Stay or Should I Go: Effects of Stellar Winds on Gas Retention and Expulsion in Star Clusters
3:05-3:35 Coffee  
3:35-4:10 Simon Glover Chemistry During Star Formation
4:10-4:35 Florent Renaud The Star Cluster Factory
4:35-5:30 Conference Wrap-Up