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Registration and Participants

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Invited Talks:

  • Joshua Wall
  • Fabio Antonini
  • Edwin van der Helm (From Gas to Clusters)
  • Jill Naiman
  • Jeremy Webb
  • Nora Luetzgendorf
  • Simon Glover
  • Gurtina Besla
  • Aaron Geller
  • Steve McMillan
  • Robert Mathieu
  • Hagai Perets
  • Taeho Ryu (Two Products of the First BHs in the Early Universe - X-ray Binaries and SMBHs)
  • Sarah Pearson
  • Greg Bryan (Globular Cluster Formation at Low Metallicity: Fragmentation vs. Collapse)
  • David Merritt
  • Mordecai-Mark Mac Low
  • Saavik Ford
  • Ralf Klessen (Star Cluster Formation:  Importance of Thermodynamics and Initial Conditions)
  • Barry McKernan
  • Stella Offner
  • David Spergel


Contributed Talks:

  • Harvey Richer
  • Michael Fellhauer (Mass Segregation in Young Star Forming Regions)
  • Florent Renaud (The Star Cluster Factory)
  • Sambaran Banerjee (Constraints on Massive Cluster Assembly from Stellar Dynamics)
  • Kung-Yi Su (Feedback First: The Surprisingly Weak Effects of Magnetic Fields, Viscosity, Conduction, and Metal Diffusion on Galaxy Formation)
  • Adrian Hamers (Secular Dynamics in Hierarchical Systems)
  • Vivienne Baldassare
  • Luca Rossi (Formation and Evolution of Star Cluster Systems in Realistic Tidal Fields)
  • Chris Hayward (Starbursts, Outflows, and the Emergence of Disk Galaxies)
  • Steven Rieder (MYStIXal AMUSEment: Simulations of Young Stellar Environments with AMUSE)
  • Laura Watkins (Internal Kinematics of Galactic Globular Clusters with HST Proper Motions)
  • Tjitske Starkenburg (Dark Influences: The Impact of Dark Satellites on Dwarf Galaxies)
  • Dongming Jin
  • Danor Aharon (Formation and Evolution of Nuclear Star Clusters with SF: Nuclear Cores, TDEs History & Extreme Mass Ratio Inspirals)
  • Dong Zhang (Radiation Pressure-Driven and Supernova-Driven Galactic Winds)
  • Kirill Lezhnin (Tidal Disruption Rates in Non-Spherical Galactic Nuclei Formed by Galaxy Mergers)
  • In Suk Jang
  • Aleksey Generozov (The Influence of the Nuclear Gas Environment on Radio Emission from Transient Jets)
  • Johan Samsing
  • Jerry Ostriker (Were Nuclear Star Cclusters Formed from In-spiraling Globular Clusters?