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E-Journals Frequently Asked Questions

How can I access the Library's e-journals? 
If you are looking for a particular article and want to know whether you can get electronic access right from your office, there are two ways to find out if the Library has electronic access: 
1. Go to the E-journals page of the Library's website and search or browse for the journal title you are looking for. 
2. Search the Library's Catalog for the title of the journal and then look for a link that says "Click here for online coverage." Once you click on the link, you can then navigate to the specific volume and issue of the journal article you need.

Can I access e-journals from outside the Museum?
Yes! Just follow the same steps described above. When you click on a link to an e-journal, you will first see a page asking you to enter a login and password. Your login and password are the same as your AMNH email account. For further details about accessing e-journals from offsite, please consult our off-site access instructions.

What are the advantages of the Library's e-journal management system? 
This system helps us track and display all of the websites where a particular ejournal can be accessed. Often e-journals are offered through more than one vendor or publisher's website, so in cases where there are multiple access points, each will be listed, along with coverage dates - offering you a full choice of sites to find what you need.

How does this system work?
If you were looking for an article in the electronic version of Journal of Biogeography, for example, the offering of links under that title would look something like this:

Journal of biogeography (0305-0270) 
from 03/01/1974 to 12/31/2001 in JSTOR 
from 1996 to present in IngentaConnect 
from 01/01/1996 to present in Blackwell-Synergy 
from 05/01/1996 to present in EBSCOhost EJS 
You can see that in this case, there are several publishers that provide electronic content to this title, so all you need to do is click on one of the links and you will be sent directly to the home page for that journal. Notice that dates of coverage for electronic content are indicated just before the link, and may vary. In some cases, dates of coverage are not provided, so you may need to click the link and explore further to see if the article you need is available. 
What if a link is not working and I can't get the content I need?
It is extremely helpful to us if you report access problems that you encounter, so we can keep the system running smoothly and accurately. To report a problem, call the Reference Desk at (212)769-5400 or email us here.