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Seminars and Conferences

Museum Seminar Series 2019-2020

Throughout the academic year, the AMNH will present the weekly Museum Seminar Series at which presentations on a variety of scientific topics will be given by leading scientists, educators and AMNH curators.

Comparative Biology Seminars

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During their first year, RGGS Comparative Biology Ph.D. students are required to attend each program in the Series and will meet prior to each program for a discussion of the pertinent literature, which they will be expected to have read prior to the lecture, for a total of two hours each week. First year students earn one credit per semester for a total of two credits. After the first year, students’ participation is not required for credit, but is strongly encouraged.

Seminars Meet in the RGGS Lecture Hall on the following Mondays from 11:00 am to noon unless otherwise noted.

Preliminary Academic Year 2019-2020 Seminar Schedule    
FALL 2019    

16 September 2019

Dr. Victor Sojo

American Museum of Natural History

“On the evolution of membranes and the three branches of the tree of life”


23 September 2019

Dr. Marcelo Gehara

American Museum of Natural History

Talk Title TBA


30 September 2019

Dr. Josef Uyeda

Virginia Tech University

"The Measurement of Macroevolutionary Causes"


7 October 2019

Dr. Samantha Cheng

American Museum of Natural History

“Phylogenetics and population genomics of coastal squid species: cryptic diversity, fisheries management, and conservation”


14 October 2020



21 October 2019

Dr. Patricia Hernandez

The George Washington University

“Bottom feeding and beyond: Using XROMM and 3D PIV to investigate functional implications of cypriniform trophic novelties”


28 October 2019

Dr. Nathan Lujan

American Museum of Natural History

Talk Title TBA


4 November 2019

Dr. Brandon Ogbunu

Brown University

“Evolution ab epistulus ('from letters'): lexical landscapes, protein space, and re-thinking adaptation”


11 November 2019



18 November 2019

Dr. Alycia Stigall

Ohio University

Talk Title TBA


25 November  2019

Dr. Elodie Ghedin

New York University

“Panning for immunological gold in the secretome of parasitic worms”


2 December  2019

Dr. Fangyuan Mao

American Museum of Natural History

"New evidence on the evolution of basal therians"


9 December  2019

Dr. John Kingston

University of Michigan

Talk Title TBA

Spring 2020    

27 January 2020

Dr. Paul Lewis

University of Connecticut

“How to measure (phylogenetic) information”


17 February 2020

NO SEMINAR (Museum Holiday)


2 March 2020

Dr. Amane Tajika

American Museum of Natural History

Talk Title TBA


9 March 2020

Dr. Ricardo Botero-Trujillo

American Museum of Natural History

Talk Title TBA


16 March 2019



23 March 2020

Dr. Nathan Thompson

New York Institute of Technology

"3-D mechanics of knuckle-walking"


30 March 2020

Dr. Matt Friedman

University of Michigan

Talk Title TBA


6 April 2020

Dr. Jonathan Losos

Washington University

Talk Title TBA


13 April 2020

Dr. Molly Przeworski

Columbia University

“Towards the genomic prediction of bleaching in corals”


20 April 2020

Dr. Tim Higham

University of California-Riverside

Talk Title TBA


27 April 2020

Dr. Luke Harmon

University of Idaho

Talk Title TBA


04 May 2020

Dr. David Wright

American Museum of Natural History

"The dredge and the hammer: reconstructing the evolution of biological diversity in crinoid echinoderms"



Earth and Planetary Sciences Seminars

The Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences at the American Museum of Natural History holds seminars on most Thursdays through the Fall, Winter and Spring.  Please refer to the current schedule, and for more details on getting to the seminars, see Earth and Planetary Science Seminars.

EPS Seminar Schedule


  2019 Northeast Regional Vertebrate Evolution Symposium (NERVES)

Researchers from around the region are invited to the annual meeting of the Northeast Regional Vertebrate Evolution Symposium (NERVES)

Meeting details: TBD


  Student Conference on Conservation Science at AMNH (NY)

October 2–4, 2019

Please visit 2019 SCCS-NY for details.