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Seminars and Conferences

Museum Seminar Series 2018-2019

Throughout the academic year, the AMNH will present the weekly Museum Seminar Series at which presentations on a variety of scientific topics will be given by leading scientists, educators and AMNH curators.

Comparative Biology Seminars

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During their first year, RGGS Comparative Biology Ph.D. students are required to attend each program in the Series and will meet prior to each program for a discussion of the pertinent literature, which they will be expected to have read prior to the lecture, for a total of two hours each week. First year students earn one credit per semester for a total of two credits. After the first year, students’ participation is not required for credit, but is strongly encouraged.

Seminars Meet in the RGGS Lecture Hall on the following Mondays from 11:00 am to noon unless otherwise noted.

Academic Year 2018-2019 Seminar Schedule

Dr. James Higham, New York University (NYU)  
“Understanding the production and maintenance of primate variation: a sensory ecology approach”  
Dr. Simone Hoffmann, New York Institute of Technology (NYIT)  
“Beyond bizarre: gondwanatherian mammals from the Late Cretaceous of Madagascar”  
Dr. Philip Skipwith, American Museum of Natural History  
Talk Title TBA  
Dr. Lacy Knowles, University of Michigan  
Title TBA  
Dr. Carlos Prada, University of Rhode Island  
Title TBA  
Dr. Benjamin Titus, American Museum of Natural History  
Title TBA  
Dr. Sarah Knutie, University of Connecticut  
Title TBA  
Dr. Sharlene Santana, University of Washington  
“Bat cranial diversity: from ontogeny to macroevolution”  
Dr. Brenna Henn, University of California, Davis  
"Reconstructing Human Population History in Africa"  
Dr. Santiago Catalano, Argentinian Unidad Ejecutora Lillo  
"The analysis of shape data in phylogenetics: old evidence, new approaches"  


Earth and Planetary Sciences Seminars

The Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences at the American Museum of Natural History holds seminars on most Thursdays through the Fall, Winter and Spring.  Please refer to the current schedule, and for more details on getting to the seminars, see Earth and Planetary Science Seminars.

EPS Seminar Schedule


2019 Spring Seminar Schedule

Jan 10   Barbara Ratschbacher, California Institute of Technology, (petrology)-- 3:00 pm

* Mon, Jan 14  Jack Hietpas, The Pennsylvania State University (petrology)-- 10:15 am

Jan 17   Xiaofei Pu, University of Michigan (petrology)        

Jan 24   No Seminar

Jan 31   No Seminar

Feb 7    Nicole Lunning (Rutgers, meteoritics)

Feb 14   No Seminar

Feb 21   Frances Rivera Hernandez (Dartmouth and Stony Brook University, Planetary)

Feb 28   Francis Nimmo (UC Santa Cruz, Planetary)

Mar 7    Jenny Middleton (Lamont, Paleoclimate)

Mar 14   Natalie Umling (AMNH)

Mar 21   LPSC No Seminar

Mar 28   No Seminar

April 4    Daniel Cherniak (RPI, petrology)

April 11   Elisabeth Sikes (Rutgers, Paleoclimate)

April 18   Jesse Remenik (Carnegie, petrology)

April 25   Bill Bottke (Southwest Research Institute, planetary)

May 2    Michael Williams (UMass, tectonics)

May 9    Hilairy Hartnett, (Arizona State)

May 16  Gordon Moore (UC Davis, petrology)

  2019 Northeast Regional Vertebrate Evolution Symposium (NERVES)

Researchers from around the region are invited to the annual meeting of the Northeast Regional Vertebrate Evolution Symposium (NERVES)

Meeting details: TBD


  Student Conference on Conservation Science at AMNH (NY)

October 24–26, 2018

Please visit 2018 SCCS-NY for details.

Download the Conference Poster