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New York Times: Museums, Always Educational, Now Confer Degrees

Ellen V. Futter, president of the American Museum of Natural History, which offers master’s and doctoral programs. 
Credit D. Finnin/American Museum of Natural History









You don’t typically expect to go to a museum and come out with a degree in higher education.

But the American Museum of Natural History now offers a master of arts in teaching and a Ph.D. in comparative biology.

“Many of the most important issues of the day have science as a foundation,” said Ellen V. Futter, the museum’s president. “There’s a real need for a public understanding of these issues and, as a result, a stronger need for more scientists.”

30 Under 30: Young Scientists Who Are Changing The World

Shaena Montanari, 27

Postdoctoral research associate, Columbia University-American Museum of Natural History

At 24, Montanari earned her Ph.D. in Comparative Biology at the Richard Gilder Graduate School; she chemically analyzed the fossils of extinct animals, including dinosaur eggshells that showed what the Gobi desert was like 80 million years ago. Now she's focusing in using DNA barcoding to understand the diets of tigers and other mammals being overrun by humans to make sure they still have prey to eat.

New York Times Article: The Critter People 

New York Times
Doctoral students at the American Museum of Natural History include Edward Stanley (with lizards), Dawn Roje (with flatfish) and Phil Barden (with ants, collected by sucking on tube). 
 Credit Piotr Redlinski for The New York Times

By TAMAR LEWIN.  Beyond the noisy throngs marveling at the  dinosaurs, the dioramas and the immense blue whale, up on the fifth floor where visitors are not allowed, the American Museum of Natural History takes on an entirely different character.  Video: "Every Day at the Museum"

New York Academy of Sciences Podcast: An AMNH PhD?

Meet the first 5 students at the new graduate school at the American Museum of Natural History -- the first museum in America awarding PhDs.

  • The American Museum of Natural History becomes the first Museum in the US to offer a Ph.D. in Comparative Biology.
  • Learn what it is like for these students to go to school in a museum.

ABC News: New place to earn an advanced degree


NEW YORK -- A walk through the hall of dinosaurs, at the American Museum of Natural History, is all in a day's work for the young PhD candidates in a new program there. ABC News Video