Dry Shipper Requests

Liquid nitrogen dry shippers of various sizes and Cryo storage boxes
Samples are flash frozen in the field with portable liquid nitrogen dry shippers to preserve the integrity of DNA and RNA

The AMCC may provide a dry shipper (liquid nitrogen vapor shipper) to facilitate collection or transport of frozen specimens to the AMNH. Dry shippers are issued at the discretion of the AMCC Oversight Committee and are contingent upon the availability of a dry shipper. The borrower is responsible for the proper use and safety of the equipment. Dry shippers require time to prepare, so please submit the request one week in advance for domestic use and as soon as possible for international use. Dry shippers must be returned in good condition as soon as possible, no exceptions.

Non-AMNH researchers should make a request in a letter on institutional letterhead, signed by an authorized representative of the institution. Include an explanation of the research project for which the equipment will be used. Address the letter to Svetlana Katanova, AMCC Collections Manager, American Museum of Natural History, 79th Street at Central Park West, New York, NY, 10024. Letters can also be submitted as PDF via email.

AMNH staff may make a request by email to the Collections Manager, Svetlana Katanova. Students and post-doctoral researchers will require a supporting letter from their advisor or academic department head.